Icy Spring

Icy Spring - No Expectations jacket-necklace 3d print handpainted
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Icy Spring - No Expectations

Feather to fire, Fire to blood, Blood to bone, Bone to marrow, Marrow to ashes, Ashes to snow

Icy Spring

There is something spectacular about the way nature works. About the way it smells, about its colors and the way it transforms in each moment of the day. Its elements make me believe there is a superior force that designed this beauty and its balance.

Inspiration struck

A couple of warmer days tricked me to believe Winter was completely behind! The distraction was momentary. I thought of taking our No Expectations outfit on a photoshoot. Like all magic tricks the finale left us in awe. Every tree, branch, grass and leaf were frozen! So we put the jacket to the test. The cotton interlining kept things comfortable for our model...while we were freezing!

Nature accepted our collection into her icy arms. We saw how well the designs and textiles worked outside of the city. A perfect fit for a get away weekend!💕 My affair with nature is one to be developed further. More surprises coming soon…

Cast :
Leading actress :

No Expectations Jacket - Black / Light Cinnamon

Leading actor :

No Expections Trousers - Black / Light Cinnamon

Leading necklace:

Girl with Red Scarf / Boy with Green Cap

Leading handbag:

J1 Handbag

  • Model : Madalina
  • Photographer : Jononespo
  • Styling : Ruxandra
  • Make-up Artist : Nenata
  • Assistant : Alexander
Icy Spring - No Expectations
Icy Spring - No Expectations
Icy Spring - No Expectations jacket and trousers, J1 handbag
Icy Spring - No Expectations