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I love my dog Sasha! She has been with me for 9 years, growing out of a hat into the beautiful dog that she is.

I would sneak her into the university in a backpack when she was little. When i went to work for Vogue she would run into sets for attention and she definitely got it :))

We had some great times and I know she enjoys being free and sleeping and eating and running and sleeping and spoiling and eating and repeat!

Now she lifts spirits up in the atelier and oversees operations from her comfy corner basket. One eye closed and the other on the door of course! At the end of a frantic day i took this photo of her paws. You guessed it its thread all over! Life is easy when you know how to take it!

When we took photos of the One of a kind double faced Coat, she had to be the center of attention. One unique soul next to one unique item.

Cast :

Leading Actress :

One of a Kind double faced Coat - Black /Cinnamon

  • Model : Madalina & Sasha

  • Photography : JONONESPO

  • Styling : Ruxandra

  • Make-up Artist : Nenata