Black dress event at McRuxandra

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Black Tendresse event at McRuxandra


After the trolley party we were hungryyyy. Alexandra said Mc’Donalds and… here we are. The crew had mixed opinions.


Alexander is into BIO food so he left the stage with a salad in mind. Sabrina decided to go meet her green love. We love fashion and we remained to explore the limits of the unconventional. Would you like some fries 🍟with your Black Tendresse ? Take a peek at the styling. There are no rules. Everything can work with the right disposition. Be ready to dare and cut the cards of the destiny ! Big thanks to the cashier that closed an eye to a couple of kids misbehaving ! Stay cool !💕

Cast :

Leading Actress :

Tendresse Dress - Black

  • Model : Alexandra
  • Photography : JONONESPO
  • Styling : Ruxandra
  • Make-up Artist : Nenata