It's all about Women! Happy Women's Day!


Women we love. We chose the women we wished to dress or have the opportunity to do so. We love them not only for their looks and statute but mainly for their personality and the way they fought for what was theirs!

bette David Tendresse black dress with pockets.jpg

When a man gives his opinion he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion she’s a bitch.

Bette Davis

fought for women’s freedom of speech. 2019, we are here to continue the battle!

Maria Tanase No Expectations trousers and jacket_.jpg

Maria Tănase

Pure talent, determination and style in one. Still making Romania proud.

zaha hadid ruxandra shop No Expectations jacket.jpg

Zaha Hadid

when your work is your memory

Sylvie guillem wearing Envelope bag square pixels.jpeg

Sylvie Guillem

The nickname Mademoiselle Non comes from the idea she had that spending your life doing what other people want makes it their life, not yours. She wanted hers !

Roisin murphy wearing One of a kind inspiration hoodie and multi color striped pants.jpg

Róisín Murphy

gives it all on stage. Her creative mind is the base for her flamboyant performances. That’s why we chose the Inspiration piece for her.

Charlotte rampling No Expectations black trousers with pockets.jpg

Charlotte Rampling

acting in The Night Porter in 1974, took a lot of nerve from a 28 year old woman.

Queen Elizabeth hearts and 3d printed face necklaces .jpg

Catherine the great

No guts not glory!

Tina Turner wearing Hero scarf pink and yellow .jpg

Tina Turner

a force of nature!

Maya_Deren wearing superhero jacket and urban Tendresse burgundy dress.jpg

Maya Deren

My films are the films of a woman due tot their characteristic time quality. I think the strength of men is their right sense of immediacy. They are a now creatures and the woman has the strength to wait. This is why I am avant-garde

maggie cheung urban tendresse burgundy with side pocket.jpg

Maggie Cheung

spirit and soul required her to put her best in every film. Urban Tendresse Dress seemed like a perfect fit.