The Heart

Founder and head designer.

Ruxandra’s passion for fashion was born out of her love for people. Early on in her childhood she discovered the worlds on which she grew her personality. Opera, ballet, and piano sit side by side with silly music, playing with the neighborhood kids and feeding stray dogs. Travelling made her aware of the diversity of cultures. Learning about them made her respect their values and way of life.
Vogue Russia was one of the places that saw her talent. There she quickly became Art Director, overseeing the look,feel and organization of what would make up the magazine.
During her time at Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion house used Ruxandra’s sharp mind and keen eye to develop their textures and colors. Working closely with French artisans and high end factories, expanded her views on couture and luxury fashion.

To create what will be new she turned once again to learning.
Her studies of draping at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris combined with bespoke tailoring at Thomas von Nordheim in London, led her to shape the world in her fashion.

Starting her own brand she wants to give women a new look into their lives through fashion.
She is still sexy, wild and alive!


“ I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself ”