Bloodflow Jewel

Bloodflow Jewel


Bloodflow Jewel is powerful and elegant.

 Length : 45 cm

Following the Amazigh women inspiration, the jewelry for this collection is designed to stand the test of time. Ruxandra believes that jewelry is heritage, memory, a conscious feeling that should be passed from one generation to another. The unique Bloodflow jewelry is just that, a jewel, because of the design, high-quality materials and highly skilled artisans that helped bring a memory to reality.

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All of the Femme des Voiles jewelry show an extraordinary level of detail that make them unique and collectible. The designer worked relentlessly to ensure the best quality in  technique, colors, shapes and assemblage. For the Bloodflow jewel the following four stubborn ingredients: a designer with a vision and an idea on how to bring it to reality; sketching out the details that understand the artisan’s process and how to achieve the design; a highly skilled marquetry artisan and ceramist that will obsess over perfection and a refined jeweler with an eye for detail.

The straw marquetry work is extremely refined due to the level of detail achieved and the vibrant color play. Black and red-orange straws are building the chessboard, while the symmetrical shades of gold are preparing the transition to the ceramic domes that create an elegant finish.

Each ceramic dome has a gold point painted with Liquid Gold on its very apex.

The closure is done in 585 Gold in the Tibetan Style with three rings that help you adjust the length. The rings around the leather wire are designed to complete the assemblage. Each hole of the cylinder is decorated with a 585 Gold ring that is manually curved in order to follow the shape of the cylinder. The three bottom caps, also 585 Gold, are engraved with the company’s logo..

The straw marquetry work is an old craft dating in the 17th century reaching its zenith in France .The chess pattern was executed in collaboration with a French artisan. It is usually used for interior decoration, but the designer wanted to bring the technique into the present, stretching its roots and grounding them into the contemporary design of an exquisite jewel.

All ceramic pieces are manually sculpted, the gold links are manually modeled and the assemblage is done entirely by hand.

Match it with the One Eye Open Dress where the silk follows the same pattern as the jewel for a total look!

Composition :

Gold 585%, Leather, Ceramic, Straw

You are the flame, we play with fire !

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