Ruxandra intends for fashion to be playful.

Going out with friends or attending an event should be fun and comfortable! Ruxandra’s designs and their particular patterns give our women another layer of eclectic feelings. They create powerful and futuristic silhouettes, for powerful women!

Join the revolution!


Tendresse - Black/ Cinnamon Super Merinos wool dress

Make an impression everywhere you go!

One of a kind - Cinnamon/ black double faced coat Super Merinos wool

Match your mood of the day


For Ceux qui n’ont rien
We used the best natural materials. Italian Super Merinos wool for its rich texture and color; drab linen to hold our shapes and make our silhouettes. Soft veils for the sought out touch of femininity.

It is another way of caressing our women.


J1 - calf italian leather Handbag


Fork Dress - wool dress

It’s about having fun!


Our J1 handbags and One of a kind designs are for women that feel comfortable breaking the norm. It is about freedom of expression, and bringing personality into personal expression.


No Expectations - Super Merinos wool Trousers

Comfortable and easy going

No Expectations - Super Merinos wool Jacket

Comfortable and easy to wear!

Hall of faces - necklaces with emotions

Perfect for adding a playful statement to your style!

Tendresse -Cinnamon/ black Super Merinos wool dress

Made to keep its shape


Complementary with your purchase you will receive our gift pack!

A fun Memory backpack