natural DYEING

Using local flora

Is an adventure through the world of herbs, trees, schrubs, and flowers, a gaze at the days and nights of diferent seasons, a journey of discovery of hues and colors and of the incredible scents they bring out in the textile.

The scent of plants

In most cases, dyeing is like cooking, different across the world in methods, ingredients and palettes of colors and aroma.

Why not synthetics

It’s frightful how vast amounts of energy are squandered indesigning and creating synthetic clothes that break down, silently poisoning our bodies and nature with toxic chemical dyes, phthalates and polyestermicroplastics. Ruxandra's commitment is to create a healthy connection to the clothes we wear.

Harnessing the elements

Water, Earth, Wind andFire make up much of natural dyeing in a way or another, together or separate, direct or indirect.