Ruxandra is always looking at nature for inspiration, celebrating its
beauty, endless diversity and wildness with each future thinking piece she
creates. In nature nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things
combine and then separate again.
The initiative of reusing and upscaling comes as a natural step, while sharing
a piece of our core & culture with others.Upcycling is a journey of the imagination, a
journey we make together, by understanding that resources are finite and
committing to high quality and constant creative efforts.

We all have clothes that we care for and wore countless times. To
continue their story we invite you to be part of this conversation, where we
take clothes you value, but can’t be used anymore, and we transform them.

We give a vintage or pre-loved piece(s) a new life that excites and
touches on personal feelings.

Depending on the chosen concept of upcycling, we will use only 100%
natural textiles additions, or dye using our signature natural process with
local flora, and no chemical additions. It is our strong belief that a natural approach
to design and textiles is an essential step to a healthier life.

With such a diverse pool of inspiration, we can use an array of
techniques or materials that might be apparently unsuitable, to an
endless creative capability. Why not drape two silk shirts into a new fitted

Slowing down fashion
creates opportunities Ruxandra believes in, that now include Upcycling
Services- where we celebrate the dialogue between artisanal knowledge and
artistic vision developed inside the atelier.

I want to bring back to life clothes that I love but are deteriorated.
Is this the right step?



What is Upcycling to Ruxandra?

Upcycling refers to the artful transformation of material. For Ruxandra
that means taking a pre-owned piece of clothing and giving it a new life and
adding to the story.


I have silk shirts that get easily deteriorated. A coffee stain or some
other minor defect. Can you Upcycle them?

Yes! we can naturally dye over any stain or we can deconstruct and


My sweater has a hole in it. Can you repair it for me?

No, that’s not quite what we do. We use the knowledge and design sense
of Ruxandra to transform it into a unique piece, that carries your story and
our design & cultural sense across.


But I love this sweater and want to wear it again. Can you turn it into
something else?

Yes we can! We can add to it, or we can transform it completely into
something else, depending on the process you choose.

I like buying from luxury brands. But some took the test of time better
than others.


Can you make something cooler out of them?

I’m not sure if the three options below fit what I need. What should I
do? Please feel free to use the “Something special” to get in touch with our
team regarding your request.


How do I place an order ?

Select one of the 3 pre-designed tiers and fill in the requested
information. Once you’re happy with your selection add to cart and proceed to

How do I send the item(s) to Ruxandra ?

At checkout you will be able to select our courier service (DHL Express).
Once the order is placed our team will be in touch to arrange a collection from
the country or region you ordered to.

If you decide to arrange shipping with an outside service, we kindly advise
to choose a service that offers tracking for your parcel. Please bare in mind
we cannot take responsibility for untracked deliveries.

This starts a tailored luxury experience for clients that intend on using the upcycling service at its full capacity.


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Multicolor Bra - Lemon Yellow and Turquoise
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Multicolor Bra - Red, Pink and Black
from €125.00
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Ruxandra. art fashion, black and white sweater, woven from upcycled and recycled luxury wool textiles, 3d shapes extruded from the weaving, graphic expression, bottleneck, tight sleeves, playful shape, open neck look
relaxed look, Ruxandra designed black and white avantgarde fashion, black and white abstract lines, grid motif, horizontal lines sweater, rhythm in the thickness of the lines, artsy look, puffy and spiky  3D shapes coming out of the sweater, irregular and abstract, confident style
Extruded Woven Sweater - Black & White Wool
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Multicolored Extruded Woven Sweater
Quick view
Upcycled Patchwork T-Shirt - Green
Quick view
Ruxandra, mosaic like t-shirt, sleeveless, cool and light, upcycled from vintage fabrics inside the atelier, sustainable fashion, quality fashion, well finished, blue and gray patches, black to contrast, great for summer and spring
Ruxandra high end fashion design, recycled and upcycled pieces, sleeveless tee, interesting shape and silhouette, patchwork design, multicolor blues and greys, style with shorts or baggy hip hop pants, street wear
Upcycled Patchwork T-Shirt - Natural Indigo
Quick view
Ruxandra designed women's bustier top, from upcycled multicolor stripes, orange calf skin leather accents and cord, vibrant colors and geometric shape, easy spring summer fashion, sexy young and elegant, for teens and young women
Ruxandra, outfit of the day, spring summer look, jumper jacket, woven bustier top, with cool textured feel, grungy elegant avantgarde feel, earth colors and yellow oranges, sunny outfit
Woven Bustier Top - Orange Leather Neck Strap
Regular price €105.00 Sale price€90.00 Save €15.00
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Ruxandra summer look, off the fashion runway, beach club wear, impress on the dance floor , multicolor bustier top, neon green leather accents, go in the water style, fresh luxury
Woven bustier top, checkered multicolor patter, green and blue hades, leather cord around the neck, elastic back bands fits multiple sizes, pop up fashion, perfect way to start the summer, sexy luxury style, young and vibrant
Woven Bustier Top - Green Leather Neck Strap
Regular price €105.00 Sale price€90.00 Save €15.00
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Ruxnadra designed bra top, with neck strap, ribbon tie closure, patchwork silk, black thread sewn over textile, upcycled from leftover silk, light peppermint green color, lined with black silk, wear casual or at the beach
young women turquoise color silk bra, style it with a short skirt in the club, or long high waist trousers for contrast, sexy and young, luxury feel, vibrant color, graphic thread details
Silk Bra Top - Peppermint Green
Regular price €85.00 Sale pricefrom €75.00 Save €10.00