The creation of the collection started when the Corona Virus began turning the world upside down. Lockdown was ensued and along with it all the imaginable scenarios. At that time the relation to nature became more and more obvious. after a few weeks I could see how nature was also changing and adapting to less traffic, less pollution, less people on the streets. Flowers that I’ve not seen in the city since I was a child, as well as species of birds we’re taking over the urban realm suddenly abandoned by man. The collection became an ode to nature, grounded in its cycle of birth, decay and rebirth. It centered around intricate manual embroidery depicting animals. Mercurial colors of woven silk took on relaxed but tailored shapes, silk took on fluid and repeating shapes mimicking ants. Soon the designs became living sculptures, and a testament of the hard working women of the atelier that rose to the challenge and embraced the shortcomings.