Mowgli’s Chain Jewel



Length : 50 cm

Following the Amazigh women inspiration, the jewelry for this collection is designed to stand the test of time. Ruxandra believes that jewelry is heritage, memory, a conscious feeling that should be passed from one generation to another. The unique Mowgli’s Chain is just that, a jewel.

The checkered straw marquetry - marqueterie de paille (an artisanal craft dating to 17th century France) is extremely refined due to the level of detail achieved and the vibrant color play. Royal blue, rosy and bright yellow are building the tribal pattern. The yellow straw is covering the lateral and the back of the curved triangles for an elegant finish.

All ceramic spheres are placed on a 585 Gold rod.

All the metal parts are executed from 585 Gold. Each hole of the triangle is decorated with a 585 Gold small tube that will give a beautiful finish. The ceramic spheres are separated by small rings engraved with the company’s logo.The four big rings are bringing a Spanish flavor to the aesthetic of this jewel.

All ceramic pieces are manually sculpted, the gold links are manually modeled and the assemblage is done entirely by hand.

The leather : Royal blue and bright yellow is following the colors of the straw for a perfect harmony.

Match it with the Candela Dress with its fluid silk for a full look!

Composition :

Gold 585%, Leather, Ceramic, Straw

You are the flame, we play with fire !

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