Merry Christmas to everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Life should be a playground for children growing up.

To be able to play, learn and most importantly love and be loved should not be a privilege. Unfortunately life isn't ideal and there are so many occasions where children across the globe are less fortunate.

In Romania, the country where Ruxandra garments are produced, the situation is at odds with how we would want it to be. We got in touch with a foster center, where kids are staying and are looked after, either because their parents cannot afford to, or because they have been abandoned.

It was our hope to help grow a bigger smile on the beautiful faces of the children there. And what occasion deserves a bigger smile than Christmas? Here is their yearly celebration, in front of relatives and people looking to help, adopt or simply there to encourage them. The children would perform, dance and have fun, cheered on by us all. We had the honor of creating their costumes, transforming themselves into Santa's elves.

Adriana Raileanu, Chenan Iomer, Ionut, Alexandra, Baieram, Sibel, Nutica, Alexandru, Bibina, Luminita, Daniela, Maria, Adrian, Elena, Andreea, Jean, Izabela, Alexnadra. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you! And showing us your drawings passions, books and so much more. Hope to see you again and soon!

Thank you Claudia Tudose from @Lepetitgateauro for the tasty sweats and help in surprising Santa's elves with gifts. ❤️ And Thank you Alice Minoiu @minoiu.alice.wonderland for showing us a little bit of Swan Lake. ❤️ Last but certainly not least, Thank you to Ruxandra @ruxandraofficiel for being the way you are.