17 Valentine’s Days in 1

  • Love is our motor, love has the power to make us stronger or to make us weak.
  • It can make us happy or sad.
  • It can transform us into better or worse individuals.
  • It can make our life heaven or sometimes hell.
  • It seems already that we are talking about a very powerful, even dangerous thing.
  • Love is admired, judged, taken advantage of, cherished. It’s about the place, the time and the person.

That’s why we choose to show on Valentine’s Day how different love can be for each and every one of us. We thought of this as an invitation to respect each other's choices, dreams and needs for different kinds of love.

We chose 17 people and we asked them to send us a photo with their hands and what they love the most.

The result is a beautiful landscape of diversity & joy !

Thank you:

  1. Ana Silvestru,pianist @ana.silvestru
  2. Catalina Iliescu, ballerina and her favorite moment, putting her pointe shoes on @cata.iliescu
  3. Eliana Tipurita, security program manager holding her daughter's hand.
  4. My father holding my mother’s hand
  5. Lavinia, graphic artist and her love for photography and flowers @lavlavlavi
  6. Scott Chambliss, production designer for film and television with his husband Tim @_scottchambliss
  7. Ryle Tuvierra, The Fierce Walker and her love for style and fashion @thefiercewalker
  8. Mimma Viglezio loves fashion books and culture @mimmav
  9. Andrea D’agostino, jewelry designer & artisan shows that working with his hands is his biggest passion @orafa abc
  10. Patrice Dutartre, a delicate artist at work @patricedutartre
  11. Misha, architect and his love for working with his bare hands.
  12. Misha’s mother and her roses or where Misha is getting his artistic side from.
  13. Ileana Horoba-Danci, ceramist & jewelry designer. @ileana.visualartist
  14. Ionut Horoba-Danci**, working his magic on his bio products. @fainnatural
  15. Lou Comte, fashion student with pure soul.@lou.comte
  16. Marilyn Virginia & her lovely dog, Doris@marilyncolemanrough
  17. _Me_ & my botanically dyed hands. It’s part of the process ! @ruxandraofficiel