Sustainable Lifestyle - Planting

The pandemic has been devastating, taking human lives, relationships, business down the ground. But when the traffic was cut to a fraction, the noise to a minimum, we saw that nature is alive, ready for a chance to recover its' strength where it is hit the hardest, in cities and where ever it is exploited. What it needs from us is time. And that is a true example to follow.

With the launch of our Spring Summer collection - Mud Flower -, we celebrate the planting of over 20 trees and 30 fruit shrubs in 2021, aiming to double that this year. Now one year later we watch them past the harsh winter, healthy and growing in size.

And so are we, still using only 100% natural textiles, recycling and upcycling resources instead of throwing them away and buying more. Join us on this journey while we explore possibilities and engage in problem solving,